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Desirial® contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is made using IPN-Like® Technology (Interpenetrated Network). Desirial® contains mannitol to reduce redness and swelling. 

It is suitable for peri-menopausal women or those of reproductive age who are suffering from dehydration of the vulva, with or without irritation. Desirial® is used to treat trophic conditions, restoring hydration, tone, elasticity and sensitivity. It reduces mucosal dryness and strengthens the delicate muscles within the vagina, restoring suppleness.

Treatment lasts for at least 6 months, but usually for approximately 1 to 2 years. Results are usually visible immediately.

Active Composition:

IPN-Like cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (19mg/ml)

Form & contents:

2x1ml prefilled syringes, 2x27G1/2" needles, 2x30G1/2" needles.

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